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Physician Spotlight Q&A: Gastroenterologist Mark Reichelderfer

Be Seen, Get Screened's Physician Spotlight Q&A series highlights the work of health care professionals on the front line in the fight against colon cancer. In our latest Q&A, we talked to UW Health gastroenterologist Dr. Mark Reichelderfer.

In addition to seeing general GI patients, Dr. Reichelderfer heads UW's Inflammatory Bowel Disease Clinic. He is a three-time nominee to the Best Doctors in America® List.

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Colon Cancer Screening eBook: Everything You Need To Know In One Place

In March, we started Be Seen, Get Screened with the goal of getting as many people screened for colon cancer as possible.

To accomplish our goal, we're counting on two things: creating easy-to-understand educational content and developing relationships with trusted partners in healthcare and advocacy to help us spread the word about colon cancer.

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Top 10 Benefits of Running (Infographic)

Running is a great way to exercise because it burns a lot of calories but requires no special equipment aside from a pair of good shoes (or sometimes not even those).

The health benefits of running can drastically improve your immune health, bone and muscle strength, and overall well-being. Most experts agree that regular exercise can reduce the risk of developing many types of cancers.

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