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Colon Cancer Early Symptoms: What Are the Early Signs?

Too often, colon cancer patients and survivors tell the same story about their experience: “I didn’t show any early signs or symptoms,” they say. “I didn’t think I needed to be screened for colon cancer.”

In reality, everyone should get screened as recommended by his or her doctor. In many cases, colon cancer does not have any early signs or symptoms.

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Lose Weight Walking: How To Burn More Calories (Infographic)

People who don't burn enough calories from exercise are at greater risk for colon cancer and lots of other diseases, but it can be difficult to fit time for a workout into your routine. One easy way to get around this problem is by getting more out of a form of exercise we all do every day: walking.

Walking can be a great calorie-burner, but did you know there are ways to burn even more calories than you already are?

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April's Hero of the Month: Michele Battista

Each month, Be Seen, Get Screened features a member of the colon cancer screening community that has gone above and beyond to spread the word about colon cancer and the importance of screening. We call this Q&A session our "Hero of the Month" feature.

April’s Hero of the Month highlights the inspiring work of a dedicated spokesperson in the fight against colon cancer. Michele Battista has worked for years to raise colon cancer awareness through her participation in countless events with organizations such as Colon Cancer Alliance and Relay for Life.

Her achievements are numerous and impressive, and she shares her story with us below.

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Body Weight and Cancer Risk (Infographic)

Over the past several decades, dozens of research projects have established a link between a healthy lifestyle and cancer prevention. This is especially true of colon cancer, which occurs at higher rates in people who, for example, are obese.

This great infographic created by the American Cancer Society demonstrates the consequences of poor health with several staggering statistics, and includes a body mass index (BMI) calculator to help you determine whether or not you need to take action to improve your health.

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Physician Spotlight: University of Wisconsin Gastroenterologist and Researcher Jennifer Weiss

At Be Seen, Get Screened, we're trying to provide as much information and as many resources as we possibly can about colon cancer in an effort to get more people screened and save more lives.

That got us thinking: who better to tap as an information source than physicians themselves---the experts working on the front line for the same cause.

That's why we're proud to announce a new feature on the Be Seen, Get Screened blog: the physician spotlight. Each month (or perhaps more frequently), we'll feature a Q&A with a gastroenterologist, primary care physician or researcher.

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25 Beautiful Colon Cancer Tattoos

Colon cancer is a horrible disease that touches thousands of people each year. Even with colon cancer rates on the decline in America due to increased screening rates, American Cancer Society estimates 136,830 people will be diagnosed with colon cancer this year.

And for each of those people, there are loved ones whose lives will be permanently affected by this diagnosis. Each person copes with this differently, but one thing many do is get a tattoo in honor of their loved ones battling colon cancer.

Whether you're considering honoring someone with colon cancer with a tattoo or -- like us -- you're touched by these gestures, check out some of our favorite colon cancer tattoos below.

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Colon Cancer Stats, Facts and Figures (Infographic)

One of the reasons colon cancer screening rates are so low is a lack of information about the dangers of colon cancer and how preventable it is. More specifically, it's compelling information that seems to be in short supply.

That's why we love infographics like this one from Capital Digestive Care. It gets the point across about colon cancer and colon cancer screening while offering plenty of compelling facts, figures and statistics that back up the case they're making and make it more compelling.

If you're over 50 and haven't gotten screened as recommended by your doctor, this infographic might just change your mind. And that's something we can all get on board with.

Topics: Colon Cancer Statistics, Infographic of the Week

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