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12 Meatless Monday Meals To Enjoy With Your Family

Looking for new healthy, meatless meal ideas? Try these delicious recipes for entrees the whole family can enjoy! Each recipe provides good nutritional value blasting with flavor that tastes great and makes you feel great, too.

Good dietary practices are essntial to overall health, and these meatless meals can help you reach your nutritional goals. Try one of them for your Meatless Monday meal to kick off your week with a healthy start!

1. Skinny Avocado and Black Bean Enchiladas

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15 Healthy Desserts Under 150 Calories

Craving a sweet treat? Try these healthy, low-cal dessert options to satisfy your sweet tooth while maintaining a healthy diet and getting important nutritional value.

1. Carmel Apple Oatmeal Cookies

With dried apples and caramel candies in every bite, our less-than-100-calorie oatmeal cookies give you the flavors of fall year-round. The recipe makes 4-dozen cookies, so freeze the dough or make them all for a smart bake-sale addition.

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Workout Nutrition: A Complete Guide (Infographic)

Diet and exercise are the two pillars of a healthy lifestyle.

People who exercise regularly and eat a healthy diet, live longer and happier, sleep better, and put themselves at decreased risk of all kinds of diseases, including colon cancer.

But to really get the most out of diet and exercise, you need to make them work together in concert. By planning your diet around your workouts and vice versa, you'll work out more efficiently and recover faster when you do.

That's why we're featuring Greatist's Complete Guide to Workout Nutrition as our Infographic of the Week. It has everything you need to know about using nutrition to get the most out of your workouts.

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March's Hero of the Month: Creator of "Simply Eartha" Kitt Shapiro

Each month on the Be Seen, Get Screened blog, we feature a hero in the colon cancer screening community in our Hero of the Month Q&A. You can find old Hero of the Month posts on our old blog at

Kitt Shapiro has devoted her career to colon cancer awareness as a tribute to her late mother, the legendary American singer-actress Eartha Kitt. She was kind enough to provide answers to our questions, which you can find below.

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Colon Cancer Screening: It's Easier Than You Think (Infographic)

We're a huge fan of infographics here at Be Seen, Get Screened, and this one from our friends at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance is about as good as it gets.

The infographic, appropriately titled This One Thing Could Save Your Life, sums up what we're all about here: getting more people screened for colon cancer in an effort to eradicate this preventable disease.

Topics: Colon Cancer Information, Colon Cancer Statistics

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