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Advanced Genomic Testing Could Change the Way We Treat Cancer (Infographic)

Advanced genomic testing presents a new, revolutionary way of determining a treatment plan for cancer. But what does this process entail?

Also known as precision cancer treatment, advanced genomic testing helps identify the DNA alterations that drive the growth of a particular tumor. By understanding more about these gene mutations, oncologists are better able to provide cancer treatment therapies that specifically target the tumor's genomic profile.

Gathering information about this specific genomic profile allows oncologists to determine individualized cancer treatment plans that may be more effective than a universal approach, such as chemotherapy. It's the promise of precision cancer treatment—a focus on the individual tumor in the individual patient.

Unfortunately, genomic testing may not be right for every cancer patient. It is up to your oncologist to determine your eligibility. This infographic from Cancer Treatment Centers of America provides detailed information on this unique process.


Photo Credit: Cancer Treatment Centers of America

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