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300 Oranges Worth of Vitamin C May Kill Colon Cancer Cells

According to a new study published in Science, high doses of Vitamin C - equivalent to about 300 oranges - may slow the growth of or even kill certain types of colon cancer cells.

Researchers already knew that more than half of human colon cancer carry either KRAS or BRAF cell mutations. This new study reports however, that in cell cultures and mice, cells containing KRAS or BRAF mutations are selectively killed when exposed to high levels of Vitamin C.

Typically Vitamin C is thought to be a good source of nutrients due to its antioxidant effects, which prevent or delay cell damage. Interestingly, this research shows that when it comes to KRAS and BRAF mutations associated with colon cancer, Vitamin C has the opposite effect - the oxidation effect can damage and kill these types of cells.

Although an exciting discovery, this research will require further exploration before entry into a human clinical trial, and well before high-dose Vitamin C can be considered a viable treatment option for colon cancer.

However, given the results of this preclinical study, researchers are now optimistic about the value in exploring the therapeutic use of Vitamin C to treat BRAF- or KRAS-related colon cancer.

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