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20 Colon Cancer Jewelry Pieces That Inspire and Commemorate


One of the great things about raising awareness for colon cancer is that there are so many different ways to do it.

Jewelry has become an increasingly popular way for patients, survivors, and advocates to show support for the colon cancer community. Wearing a necklace, bracelet or broach to commemorate a loved one's courageous battle with colon cancer is a powerful statement.

We've created a brand new board on Pinterest to show off some of our favorite pieces of colon cancer jewelry. Each piece is unique, and represents a story of strength, courage, and determination for anyone who wears it.

1. Colon Cancer Ribbon Earrings



2. Blue Colon Cancer Charm Bracelets



3. Colon Cancer Angel Earrings



4. Blue Beaded Bracelet



5. Retro Colon Cancer Pin



6. Blue Leaf and Ribbon Earrings



7. Survivor Bracelet and/or Hair Band



8. Colon Cancer Pin With Heart and Cross



9. Survivor, Strength, Faith, Hope Bands



10. Colon Cancer Heart Necklace



11. Hope Colon Cancer Pin



12. Blue Ribbon Stud Earrings



13. What Cancer Cannot Do Bracelets



14. Gold Colon Cancer Ribbon Pin with Embedded Heart



15. Unique "Believe" Bottle Cap Necklace



16. Pearl Colon Cancer Charm Bracelet



17. Blue "Be Brave" Bracelet



18. Heart and Ribbon "Fight for Life" Bracelet



19. Simple Blue Leather Charm Bracelet



20. Colon Cancer Heart Earrings


These beautiful bracelets, necklaces and broaches are great symbols of the fight against colon cancer.

Now you've got some fabulous ideas for the newest piece of jewelry to add to your collection. You could even try making colon cancer jewelry of your own, and if you do, we'd be thrilled if you shared it with us here or on our Facebook page.

Top image via Flickr user shinycatcreationsjewelry