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10 Ways to Sneak In a Workout During a Busy Day

Although you may have the motivation you need to get exercise, it can sometimes be difficult to fit in a workout during a busy day.

According to the National Institutes of Health, adults should get at least 2 hours and 30 minutes of aerobic exercise per week to maintain a healthy body weight.1 That's only about 20-30 minutes a day!

If you're having a hard time fitting regular exercise into a busy routine, try out these tips to sneak in the physical activity you need to stay healthy.

1. Make Your Commute a Workout


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You have to get to work, and you want to find time for fitness. Two birds, one stone: run, bike or walk to work for a great workout that gets you from point A to B! You can also save a ton of money on gas with this environmentally-friendly means of transportation.

2. Become an A.M. Exerciser


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It may sound like a daunting idea, but getting up early to work out is a great habit to start. It allows you to get your heart pumping right from the get-go so you can check off your workout bright and early! Benjamin Franklin said it best when he advised, "Early to bed, early to rise makes a man [or woman!] healthy, wealthy and wise."

3. Ditch the Chair


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Trade your office chair in for an exercise ball so you can strengthen your core and balance while you sit! These exercise stability balls can help improve posture and allows more flexibility and stretching so your body can stay loose throughout the day.

4. Make It a Date


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Going for a bike ride, stroll or jog with a friend or significant other makes the workout much more enjoyable. Besides - if you commit to fitness plans with someone else, you're more likely to follow through on them!

5. Bring the Kids Along for the Ride


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Have young ones at home? Rather than dishing out the big bucks for a babysitter, grab a jogging stroller and bring them along! They'll enjoy the time outside and you can get a great workout.

6. Divide and Conquer


If you can't set aside a half hour for a full workout, do quick exercises at ten-minute intervals three times throughout the day. You can switch up the routines to focus on cardio, strengthening, and toning exercises at different times.

7. Sneak in a Quick Workout During Lunch


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Make the best of your 60-minute break from the workday and hit the gym for a quick class or go for a relaxing stroll around your office building. Not only will you get the exercise you need during the day, you will most likely be more productive throughout the rest of your day.

8. Take the Stairs


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Opting for the stairs versus the elevator is a great way to get a little cardio throughout the day. To really maximize the workout, jog up the stairs, take two at a time, or go up and down them several times until you can feel the exertion.

9. Get Off the Couch


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Who says you can't multitask while catching up on Modern Family or American Idol? Rather than sitting in a sedentary position on the couch, do an abdominal exercise or grab some dumbbells and do a few curls while you watch T.V.

10. Make It a Group Effort


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Get a group of colleagues or friends in the neighborhood to start a daily or weekly workout routine. Organize walks, jogs, bike rides, or even short yoga classes in the conference room! This is a great way to get workout and it's a whole lot of fun!

So although we all have busy schedules that often prevent us from getting our daily exercise, try these ten tips to fit a workout into your daily routine seamlessly! Check out our Complete Guide to Workout Nutrition to see what you should and shouldn't eat before exercise.

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